What Sized Self Storage Is Best for Me?

Published on 4/10/2023

Best Storage Size for You

Approximately 10% of Americans rent a storage unit. Many people keep these units for years, as they provide a place to store their things. Others use them for temporary storage.

Are you interested in renting a unit at a storage facility? If so, your primary decision is to choose a size. 

Storage units come in different sizes, but you'll pay more for larger ones. The key is choosing the right size so you pay the lowest rate. 

Here are some tips to help you decide which size to choose.

Determine Your Purpose

Putting items into storage offers a way to get the stuff out of your house. You can choose short-term storage or long-term, depending on your needs. 

However, it might be helpful to begin with your purpose.

For example, why are you considering renting a storage unit? Here are some common reasons:

You might need self-storage for one of these reasons. You might also have a different reason. 

In any case, a storage unit gives you space for almost any purpose. Additionally, you can rent the space by the month to avoid a long-term commitment. 

Consider Storage Space at Home

Before renting space, consider the space you have at home. After all, you might not need to rent a self-storage unit. For example, do you have a basement or garage you could use?

If you have space at home, you can save money. Unfortunately, many people don't have enough space at home. As a result, they rent storage units.

Measure Your Things

If you decide you need to rent a unit at a storage facility, your next decision is what size to rent. There are several ways to determine the answer, but you should begin by measuring your things.

For example, do you have everything in your garage in one area? If so, how much space is it taking up? If you don't have everything together, you can guess how much space it takes up.

Then, you can contact a storage facility to learn about their sizes. 

View Sizes and Compare Costs

Small units are 6' x 8'. These units are great for holding boxes of items. However, they're not the best option for furniture and larger things.

You can also choose from a large unit, which is 10' x 30'. It is generally the largest size, and can hold the contents of a two-bedroom home. You can also choose from in-between sizes.

If you view them, you'll see how big they are. However, looks can be deceiving, as you can fit more inside a unit than you think. 

Visit a Storage Facility to Select the Best Storage Unit Size

If you're like many people, you might have trouble envisioning space without seeing it. Therefore, visit a storage facility. Then, you can see the storage unit sizes available.

Contact us if you live in Clay County. We offer storage units in several sizes and can accommodate your needs.