5 ways to save space in your self storage unit

Published on 5/7/2024

Hey Clay County residents! 

Sometimes life can throw a little more “stuff” our way than we have room for. Whether you're downsizing, prepping for a remodel, or just tired of tripping over that yoga mat and at-home gym equipment, Attic Selfstor is here to help.

But here's the thing: nobody wants to rent a bigger unit than they need. Space means money, after all! So, before you pack up the minivan and head over to Attic Selfstor, let's talk about some epic space-saving strategies to maximize your unit and minimize your spending.

Think Tetris, Not Trash Compactor:

  1. Boxes Are Your Best Friend: Cardboard boxes are your best friend in self storage. Opt for sturdy, uniform sizes for stacking and easy labeling.

  2. Plastic Fantastic: For awkwardly shaped items or anything moisture-sensitive, invest in clear plastic storage bins. They'll protect your belongings while letting you see what's inside at a glance (no more "mystery boxes"!).

  3. Furniture Tetris: Disassemble what you can! Taking apart furniture not only saves space but also  protects it from potential dings during transport. Plus, who doesn't love a good IKEA-style reassembly challenge when you finally move your stuff back in?

  4. The Mighty Vacuum Bag: Clothes take up a ton of room. Invest in some vacuum storage bags to compress bulky blankets, off-season clothes, and even pillows. Your future self (and your wallet) will thank you!

  5. Take Pictures: Take photos of how you packed your boxes and furniture. It'll be a lifesaver when you need to find that specific winter coat or that specific cleaning utensil.

At Attic Selfstor, we're all about making your storage experience smooth sailing. So, put these space-saving tips to the test and conquer that Clay County clutter! We've got a unit size perfect for your needs, and our friendly staff is always happy to answer any questions.

Happy Storing!