What Are the Most Useful Moving Supplies?

Published on 10/13/2022

moving supplies

Useful Moving Supplies

Perhaps you currently have your house on the market. In that case, it's not too early to start thinking about the practicalities of moving. Houses sell quickly, with the average time a home is listed on the market at 42 days

A smooth moving day means doing plenty of preparation. To help you, we've put together this guide to the most beneficial moving supplies to purchase ahead of the big day. 


Top of your list of moving day essentials is packaging, namely boxes.

You will need boxes in a range of sizes, but always choose heavy-duty cardboard as it will give you something more robust and long-lasting, which is helpful if some of your items stay in storage for several months. 

Heavy-duty cardboard means doubled-walled boxes for anything relatively heavy and triple-walled cardboard for your heaviest items. 


Before you move, use color-coded labels to help you see what's in each box at a glance. Most people prefer to categorize by room.

In addition, choose waterproof labels and write a description of what's in each box. It's also worth buying red labels marked fragile to help identify boxes containing delicate items. 


You need heavy-duty shipping tape to close each box and secure your items.

Use a proper handheld tape dispenser, as it will save you valuable hours when packing hundreds of boxes. 


There are two reasons to use a storage company like ours for your moving day. 

First, if you intend to move from house to house, it will be easier to unpack emergency items in your new location rather than attempting everything at once.

That's particularly beneficial if you have large furniture that isn't ready to transfer into your new home (perhaps due to space). 

Secondly, storage allows you to move house to your preferred timetable instead of squeezing everything into one day.

It will help you stay organized and prevent moving mistakes or rushed moves that result in breakages! 

Van Hire

Your first job before hiring a van is to create an estimate of the size you'll need. Count estimated boxes you will pack per room (including the garage) and use this to calculate the cubic meters you'll need.

You don't want to overpay for a van that's too big, but equally, a van that's too small will mean repeated trips which can get expensive (and time-consuming). 


You'll need to ensure all your boxes and furniture stays secure during the moving journey. So add ropes to your list of essential moving supplies.

Invest in ropes to help tie everything down and bungees when you need something more flexible. 

Soft Cushioning Packaging 

Finally, don't forget to buy plenty of packaging material that will act as cushions for delicate items, like fabric blankets for the truck.

For small boxes containing crockery and glasses, choose bubble wrap for added protection during the journey. 

Get Prepared With the Proper Moving Supplies

You don't want to spend your moving day scrambling around for boxes or calling friends at the last minute for help to get your furnishings transported. A stress-free moving day means planning with the proper moving supplies. 

Why not start your preparations by booking your storage space at our self-store in Indiana? You can do that by heading here for a quote.